Questions about the entity select screen

I would like to implement a feature where every ticket must have a enitty attached. Each entity is linked to a barcode which is the name which I scan to get it into the program. At the moment the entity screen does not work for pasting in the barcode and pressing enter as there is a small delay as Samba looks up what I enter and brings back any matches. How can I fix that problem? As well with that screen is there anyway of removing the option to edit or add new. I have 3000 entities already loaded and have a custom script which loads changes from a document when I need to edit entities. I would not like my employees editing these entities. My other option if I cant make this work would be to just use the action numpad value entred, and chane the ticket entity based on what is enteted in the numpad. My problems with that way was having tickets settled without having an entiy accosiated with them.

You can remove those buttons if you create a Custom Entity Screen and place an Entity Search Widget on the screen. The Widget has options in the Settings which allow you to remove those buttons, and add other buttons of your choosing.

You can constrain that too…

Thnks for that great advice :slight_smile:

In regards to my other question.
I would like on that entity screen for the employee just to scan the customers card and it goes through without them having to press another button, select customers.

My scanner imeddiately after sending the numbers send an enter charcter, which is picked up too late for smaba to be used.

Yep can be done i have it setup, look at my tutorial and youll be able to adapt it

Your setup does not have anytihng about Entity screens? Thats what I was asking about, to have the ability to search customer by name if they have lost there card.

Sorry i misread i thought you meant from ticket, its probably doable using keyboard and editor widgets to entet customer number which then triggers a new ticket to be created adding the customer entity from the number entered

I dont think anyone has built that yet. Im working on just that for employee entities, i use kendash setup for enployee entities instead of users andim now starting to build a custom entity login screen to do exactly what you want to do

If you sort yours before i manage to conplete mine please share the setup itll be cery useful :slight_smile:

Yeah exactly, I like the way how on that screen you can just search by name and it shows up.