Queue number for every order

One of our restaurant is a fast food, we are giving the queue number for every order. Once it’s ready, we are displaying the queue number in the display for them to collect. Once the queue number reaches 100, we will start it from 1 again

We want to display this queue number on receipt like this picture

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Hello; While implementing some other SambaPOS features I’ve noticed we can create a counter that resets everyday…

Let me describe how it can be done:

Action for Increasing the counter

  • Create a new action, Name it as “Increase daily counter” and the Action Type will be “Update Program Setting”
  • Setting Name will be ORDERNUMBER
  • Setting Value is 1
  • Update Type is Increase
  • IsLocal = False

Action for Tagging Ticket with Current Counter Number

  • Create a new action, Name it as “Tag Ticket With Counter Number”, Action type is “Update Ticket Tag”
  • Tag Name will be Order No
  • Tag Value will be {:ORDERNUMBER} . That means Tag Value will be equal to current ORDERNUMBER setting.

Action for Resetting Counter

  • Create a new Action, Name it as “Reset Daily Counter” and the Action type is “Update Program Setting”
  • Setting Name = ORDERNUMBER
  • Setting Value = 0
  • Update Type = UPDATE
  • IsLocal = False

These are the required actions now we’ll create rules for defining how these actions will work.

Rule for Giving Next Number to Ticket

  • Create a new rule, Name it as “Give Ticket Number” and select “Ticket Created” event.
  • Click “Select Actions”. Choose “Increase Daily Number” and “Tag Ticket with Counter Number”

This rule will increase the number and tag ticket with that number.

Rule For Resetting Counter

  • Create a new rule, Name it as “Reset counter on End of Day”, and select “Work Period Ended” event.
  • Click Select Actions. Choose “Reset Daily Counter”.

This rule will reset counter when you end the work period.

For printing that number use {TICKETTAG:Order No} value tag. You can add that number to a printer template header or create a new template for printing a small paper that shows the customer order number…

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Hi, the tutorial works well with orders added manually, but I struggle with getting the number to increase on Gloria’s orders… They are stuck at a fixed number. For example, if I have a walk-in order no 9, then if I have a Gloria order right after that, the order no will be no 10 and will be stuck at 10 even if we have 3 Gloria orders next to each other. The increase only works again until I have another walk-in, but it will repeat the same story with any Gloria order.

Anybody has an idea what is missing pls? The tutorial was before Gloria so I guess there’s something in the integration that works differently…

Is IsLocal set to false in the action for updating the program setting?

Yes it is false for both actions, like the tutorial. Works perfectly fine on manually input orders, just doesn’t work for Gloria’s orders somehow :man_shrugging:

How are you integrating Gloriafood? Is it with the official SambaPOS integration, or using the script that was (previously) on the forum?

Definitely I can say the script that was on the forum DOES NOT work with order/queue numbers (without a LOT of modification) because it uses the addTicket mutation that doesn’t create a Terminal first.

As for the official Gloriafood integration, I would assume it would work with that, however I don’t use it so can’t say from experience.

I’m using the official SambaPOS integration. I’m starting to think maybe it’s a bug? :laughing:

It seems the update program setting action is only available in the desktop client.

You could use a script to update and get the program setting via the GraphQL API helpers.

Give me a bit and I’ll whip up something that will be a drop-in replacement to that action that should work with the message server as well.


BT.SambaServices.UpdateSettings_0.9.0.zip (11.9 KB)

Compatible with v5.3.0+

The two files in the bin directory go into SambaPOS’ program files directory found at %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\SambaPOS5.

Extract them to a separate folder first as you’ll have to unblock the dll (google “windows unblock file” if you don’t know how to do this).

Launch SambaPOS and change the update program setting action to Update Program Setting (Msg Srv Compat) and save.


Restart the message server service after you’ve done this.

NOTE: The Update Type Toggle is not implemented. I’ve never used it and don’t know what it’s supposed to do therefore I don’t know how to implement it.