Queue Number Generating Indivdiually by Terminal

Here is the setup The order numbers queue is generating separately . by Terminal each terminal has its own queue numbers allotment what could be the cause?

You should probably know by now that you should avoid putting {:TAG} in the Action itself, and instead make it a [:parameter] that is assigned within the Rule.

Also, {:SettingName} generally references an in-memory (Local) Program Setting. You should use instead:



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Still have the same problem as each terminal generating individual Numbers here is my setup

I dont understand why you are creating your own when it already has a unique Ticket No.

Sorry this is not a ticket number as its a queue number for each day the ticket numbers are increasing day by day and its huge . when we have a q number that resets each day when some one orders it genartes the number once the order done may be easy to deliver with the token number .that’s why many outlets use on display which number is ready. ii can use ticket number my numbers at the moment is 1546541 . how this sounds …

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Ok so your terminals are all hooked to the same SQL express server right? Your not runnimg localdb install right?

You spelled and punctuated the setting name ecactly the same on each terminal?

Am Sure its connected to sql express as we take orders from 3 terminals and sales showing correct so its 100 percent connected to Sql express and same database. Is this ideal to use ticket closing event?

Try using {GLOBAL SETTING:ORDERNUMBER} as Q suggested.

Thank you but still same …

Does still same means all terminals have its own number sequence?

I just tried if log out and log in its working fine other wise generating when its finished from its terminal Ex; terminal no is 1 and in server when take order its coming as 1 than go to terminal enter its come as 2 and third order server gives 2 ,and goto terminal its gives 3 , BUT IF LOGOUTS/IN Working fine.

Can you PM me your backup?

@emre Also a doubt if order added and cancelled still it increasing numbers , but originally there is no order (like ticket number) , What am thinking is Ticket closing rule/order added event which event is best?

You need to increase number before ticket close but only for new tickets. With some ticket state management you can implement your own number increase logic. For example you can set a new state (like numberstate as increase) when a new ticket created and use it as a constraint to limit number increases. You can also use {TICKET ORDER COUNT EXP:(OS.Status=New)} to determine if any new order lines exists.

PS: There are lots of ways to determine new tickets. For example instead of state management you can check Ticket Id and if it is 0 you can handle it as a new ticket.