Quickbooks Direct Interface - Job Offer

Hello, I’m interested in commissioning the creation of a QuickBooks direct interface for the transfer of end-of-day sales data into Quickbooks GL. This would not be an export/import feature, but a direct interface using the QB API, where the Quickbooks company file is identified and data sent directly to it.

Please message me if you are willing and able.


Can you offer more clarification?
Are you wanting just a single daily total posted to quickbooks?
You say sales data, is it just sales and you will be reconciling payments manual against that?

I’m looking for an interface similar to what your PMS interface does, but to Quickbooks. There should be some way to map sales categories, inventory, etc. to Quickbooks GL accounts, and then send the details directly to Quickbooks.

I use quickbook personally but never delved into their api.
Categorising sales using product custom tags is fair enough.
But are you expecting this to be live or just an end of day push of totals?
Totals is allot easier to manage.
My pms pushes batches on a cron job but in honestly I would probably not take that approach again.

How about the payments side though, difference to my pms setup is quick books probably wouldn’t want payment breakdown since you would be reconciling directly against the bank in their system.

Definitely end-of-day push of totals. Would be nice to have a choice between automatic and manual.

We wil be adding official integration for quickbooks. I will inform the forum when we are finished.


It would be nice to send inventory receivings to Quickbooks A/P for payments of vendor invoices, but this is not a must. On the other hand, payments should be totaled and sent to Quickbooks as deposits to various clearing accounts or bank accounts. E.g. Cash & checks to QB cash clearing a/c and credit card payments to QB credit card clearing account.

Wow! This is excellent news!! Any idea of a timeline?

No time line yet. But it is in our road map.

That will be one of the best features to have! Also consider having a manufacturing module and cash declaration as a default feature. The cash declaration allows users to enter cash at hand versus cash in the system and produce a variance. Someone has built that type of system but it’s not easy to create and follow.

Working on that now Castech

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Hello @trentdavis ! Were you able to find someone to integrate it for you in the end? I haven´t seen any release in the forum so I´m sure the Samba Team is still working on the official integration. Hope it comes out soon!

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It is part of our plans but no eta and we do have other projects right now.


Hello, we are still waiting. :slightly_smiling_face: Hope it soon.

It won’t be soon sorry but it is in the roadmap.