Quickbooks help

I was wondering if someone could help me with integrating quickbooks via their api.

Ive never worked with apis so im not exactly sure of what im to do.

Im not asking anyone to do this for me but to lead towards the right direction.

Any help would be appreciated.


Got the API documentation?
What level of intergration you looking to have?
If it was just say a daily wet/dry split sales and payments on work period close would be maybe an hour to do if documentation is good. Pretty much script to get report values via graph most likely and lost to API.
More granular intergration would take more time.
How good documentation is makes a different to time spent testing and debugging.

Literally create a daily sales receipt with daily sales, cash sales and card sales.

Later on when i work it out properly id like it to add expenses auto too, but thats major later on.

Ill have a read of the api documentation sunday, see what i can come up with.

You can look at my 7 shifts integration in beta forum yo get idea how to do it.

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