QuickBooks integration sambapos

Hi how do we go about sambapos integration with quickbooks

Well, does quick books have an API they allow public access to?

Yes I guess they must have

There are two apis they have

  1. For their DESKTOP
  2. For the Onine Version

I have an experience for the Online Version in another project. If you have any question, please post it and I will be able to answer

Hi good news if you have online fine we can look at it end shift

@sammun what is your scripting abilities?
There hasnt been a solution posted on the forum for this and while it is undoubtibly posible you are not going to get a quick easy ‘install’ solution for a quickbooks intergration, you will have to make it yourself using samba scripts and their API.
I have done a PMS intergration which likely works on a basic level similarly to what you would aim to achive which might give you some ideas but unless your able to put in some work yourself you are likely to strugle to get the result you hope for.

i have a problem with quick books , it doesn’t support windows 7, whenever i login to the account it shows an error, i browsed and got this support regarding Quickbooks error 6150 but , i was not able to understand what is written in it. Can anybody please help me?

Hello and welcome to the quickbooks support forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That link suggests courupted file in the program or company data.

As for win 7 support where are you getting that info? Do you mean you have an old version which isn’t compatable.

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