Quickbooks integration

I have seen many people in the past ask about QuickBooks. I found this and I thought it would be interesting read. This totally looks like with v5 someone could integrate QuickBooks.


I am not saying that I am doing it or that I could explain it but I just wanted to point out with QuickBooks online we should be able to do a very nice full QuickBooks integration. Their restful API looks very feature rich.

This could eventually be a very powerful feature to have. I would love to do it if I just had the time lol.


What can we integrate with Quickbooks? Should we send tickets?

Well for example we could send Employee Time for time keeping portion and payroll.

Vendor Payments
Purchase Orders (non posting transactions representing supply purchases requests)
Payments for goods or services… aka tickets.
CreditMemos for financial transaction representing a refund or credit of payment or part of a payment for goods or services that have been sold.

Sec giving you a list…

Quickbook integration from sales point of view is pretty much what I did with my PMS integration.
The PMS takes the place of quickbooks being the actual reported revenue/sales reporting platform.
Although for quickbook could probably be summarized into a single work period closed post rather than itemised as that was more down to reusing scripts from the room post part with PMS.

I can keep going but I guess it really depends on just how much integration you want. I mean from the looks of it we could use SambaPOS to virtually control the quickbooks online.

Why not we integration with odoo, because, this erp open source and free community edition and can do many customize

I still can’t do for this integration, because didn’t what data to send to this erp.

Any body, experience for what is integration we should do,

For this integration, i confuse to import as sale journal or …?

Your welcome to intergrate with whoever you want, either way this is not something emre will hard code, he just gives us the tools to do it.
I cannot tell you what data to send and to where as not used adoo…
You might be best speaking to your accountant or something if you are unsure as to where values should be ported to…

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