Quickest way to transfer data from one computer to another

hey guys, i’ve been tinkering with samba, its great!! however i sent everything up on my personal computer, i’d like to extract the info to the actual computers i’ve purchased, (old touch screen hp all in ones) and the pinters.
however My setup might be different, while setting up i only had 1 computer, but in the restaurant there will be two terminals, and 3 printers, I’ve never messed with the sql server cause quite frankly i dont know anything about it, is there anyone out there that has done this before and has tutorials or can guide me the way to transfer my data to the new computers that way i dont have to basically redo everything and, i’ll let u knpw how the multiple terminals turn out =) thanks in advice

While there probably are people that can help you with this there are already numerous tutorials that cover all of this in the Tutorials section of the forum. Also the documentation has valuable info located at http://sambapos.com/wiki/doku.php?id=start Documentation is work in progress so its not complete but has very valuable info. Tutorials pretty much has everything you asked for.

Check This out
And This

If you need help with this let me know and I’ll be happy to help

so, i’ve been trying to install the sql server 2012 express on windows 7 ultimate 64bit, but it says its not compatible ? do i have to get windows server 2012?

No you do not need to get windows server to install sql express. Something else is wrong that you probably are not telling us or may not know to tell us. Sql Server Express 2012 is fully compatible with windows 7 ultimate 64bit. Can you paste the actual error so we can see. I highly doubt it just said its not compatible.

okay, so i feel stupid saying this but, the pc was freshly installed windows, didn’t have service pack 1 fully installed yet, so i had an issue installing it.
However, SQL server is fully set up now.
^^^ in the tutorial I am now on step 4

where it says

Go to SQL Server Services, select SQL Server (SAMBAPOS3) and click the Restart icon.

  1. Using SQL Express 2012.

Use the following line in SambaPOS Local Settings to use SQL Express 2012

Data source=localhost\SAMBAPOS3; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos

For all other computers on your network change localhost to your computers name that is running SQL Express 2012. For example

Data source=John-PC\SAMBAPOS3; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos

so this is where I have a problem/question, my database is written on my personal computer.how do i transfer it off from that computer, because this personal computer will be staying in my apartment, I have two new computers (Main and Secondary) the sql server 12 was installed on the main computer, now i just need to take the preset database files from my personal pc, upload it to the main, configure the sql server and when running it in samba 4. and over on the secondary computer i would have this computer take the information off from the main.

Map breakdown.
Main (will need the information uploaded from my personal pc) (sql is running on this computer) -placed in front
Secondary - Will be a slave computer that takes the database information from the Main computer -placed in front

Also due to my printers. I have the Star tsp 100 usb printers, I believe I will have to set up a raspberry pi running linux (stand alone printer server basically ) to recieve all the printing job for the kitchen printer(if that’s even possible), since there will be no dedicated terminal in the kitchen itself, just the printer.

let me know what you about this and what you can take from it, This is just me trying to explain my set up to you folks to help me maximize my POS. let me know if you get lost somewhere in my writing.

first you need to migrate your database from sql compact edition sdf file to sql server 2012 express

@pizzaeilat4 it depends if he installed compact edition or not. It does not install CE as default anymore it installs LocalDB version of SQL express 2012 as the default now.

Nothing is stupid. We all miss things from time to time and that actually is very common mistake.

The Database Backup Tools module from Samba Market is wonderful for automating all of this. Its certainly not required as it does cost money but in my opinion its well worth the price. You literally can create a backup and tell it exactly where to save the backup file. You install SambaPOS4 on another computer install your SQL Server 2012 load up Samba and can just restore the backup on the new computer.