RANDOM:X:<chars> for special characters

I’m using V4, I did search for random tutorial in forum.
There are 3 syntax: RANDOM, RANDOM:X, and RANDOMC:X work well with V4
so I want to know the syntax of (RANDOM:X:chars) will it work for V4?
I tried to print template but it always gave me 8 random (numeric and alphanumeric) characters event I code {RANDOM:3:abcdefgh}
Another search is alternate characters, I tried to print out random some special characters but it doesn’t work.
example {RANDOM:1:€₭₮₰₳₴₵₸₹₺₻₼₽₾} --> it gave me 8 random (numeric and alphanumeric) characters.
I want to print out RANDOM 5 special characters on the bill (make it looks difference with other restaurant bill).
Are there any RULE or ACTION can create button for random special characters to print out?
Thanks for your times
Have a great day

That is not possible sorry.

Thanks for your rapid reply.

In v5 you could look at using a script to generate instead but since your on v4 :frowning: