Ransomware / virus


Hello forum, yesterday we have a ransom ware attack reading about this may cause of RDP, and I cannot open any file application as it added extension /encryption. I have a backup (.bak)zip file . I decided to re install windows and did but the zip file is also corrupted . I tried many softwares it has bk file but when extracting showing empty. Any one know how to fix as I have customers and accounts .
The only back up I had because I lossed all of the rest.
I tried to restore with samba pos not recognising the zip aswell
Am not worried if some one charge but this is urgent…


A friend had a similar ransomeware virus and I managed to find a fix app which decrypted the files. Took some finding and make sure you run on machine you can reinstall if needs be encase you get some other app giving more issue, but it worked for him.
Do some searching for the name or site the ransomeware tries to take you to.


Hello, last month I had in several companies also ransomware attack by the RDP port, luckily I had backup of all the data (in external hard disk).

I can recommend that you look at this page if you find something that serves you https://www.nomoreransom.org.

But keep in mind that there are variations of the ransomware that today there are no decryptors (the ransomware that I enter in these 2 companies did not have a decryptor).

Try the kasperky decryption tool https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/rakhnidecryptor-ransomware-decryptor/.

I hope you solve your problem


Thank you for help, what i did was re installed /reset windows as i thought have a backup zip .now i clean installed pc but have corrupted backup zip file which still trying to get worked but no luck anyway thanks alot.


Corrupted or has it been altered by the ransomewere?


Sure it was a type of ransomeware that shut down the NHS in UK for a few days…