Raspberry Pi 3 + SambaPos

Hi Everyone! I saw Emre had a post on YouTube about running SambaPos on a Raspberry Pi 3, but the video didn’t really give much useful information beyond the PIR sensor functionality.

I am about to upgrade to SambaPos v5 and run a couple other terminals on my system. Is this a real and workable solution for a RPi3 to run an order terminal (not the server)? Has anyone actually implemented this?

Native SambaPOS is a Windows-only Application and as such, requires Windows 7 (with .NET 4.5+) or greater to run.

So unless the video shows the actual SambaPOS Application running on a Pi (which means Windows is installed on the Pi), it is possible that the device was running some other OS and using GraphQL to communicate.

There are many Nano PCs these days which can run Windows/SambaPOS, so the Pi should be considered a special case scenario to fulfill some specific custom need that a Nano PC cannot provide.

Post a link to the video.

I think the Raspberry Pi 3 can run Windows 10 now, so maybe it was a direct install. I can’t imagine it’s particularly quick though.

I do run SambaPOS on a series of Intel Compute Sticks and Intel NUCs and the performance is OK.

If I was happy with a low-performance PC to run SambaPOS (like the Raspberry Pi), then instead of a Pi with external monitor and keyboard, I would probably go for one of the Linx tablets which are touch screen and run Windows natively. By the time you buy the other hardware required to use a Pi, the Linx tablet would be cheaper, offer similar or greater perfomance and have the advantage of being touch-screen.

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It is this video he is referring to

Emre is not running SambaPOS on a Raspberry Pi 3 - he is running the PM-POS app that is a proof of concept for using GraphQL to create a web app that lets you use some SambaPOS functionality in a web browser. I don’t think PM-POS was discussed publicly on the forum.

Ok thanks for your input guys! Just looking at it as an option, because I have a couple kicking around, but the options for nano computers around where I live are far and few between.

how small do they need to be?
I use dell optiplex ultra small form factor 780s. they are only about 10"x10"x2" C2D 3Ghx with 4GB RAM usually less than £50 on ebay, and put a 60GB £30 SSD in them and they run sweet as for samba terminal.
Have many USB and a COM port for older cheaper printers like epson TMs etc.
I have a client on V4 with one of these as a SQL hosting terminal powering 5 other terminals (6 total inc itself) in a big 1.8-2k capacity club and runs without issue.
Looked at micro pcs etc before but those dells are so afordable and more expandable I just use those.

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I am living in Asia and I come to Bangkok to buy my computer supplies. It seems places used to carry these small computers, however, they don’t seem to stock them anywhere anymore. I might have to do a mail order with a less reputable brand.