Rdp react toooooo slow, not usable

Standard rdp using iPhone 5s,using 2x on windows 7 ultimate, 32bit color, I didn’t follow fully the instructions though but I’m able to connect and managed to launch samba pos, but everything is too slow, even setting up the desktop takes around 3-5 mins, is it normal? Or it is some other problem? Server hardware prob?color bit too high? Or setting improper?anyway the tutorial to set up rdp is really poor

The RDP setup is fairly straight forward. There is no special settings that impact speed.
The first time you connect through RDP, windows will need to set itself up, but after that it should be fast.
Have you tried from another computer to see if you have the same speed issues ?
What wifi equipment do you use?
Are you using Compact SQL or SQL Express?
Are you experiencing any speed issues on the main computer?

Have read my setup tutorial ?

This is the normal speed with an ipad 1

i am also facing the same problem if i access the sambapos usind rdp takes longer than ususal to take orders. is there any way to increase the speed?

or have a better connection >

will having a paid rdp connection help?

is 2x client better or pocket cloud?

well, i used android phone so im not sure if they’re that similar but 2x in android version is many times faster than pocket cloud because it uses some kind of graphic acceleration called RemoteFX .

ok thanks i have removed the 2x conection properties like desktop background etc to enhance the speed of samsung galaxy tab 10.1

why cant we use windows server 2008 or 2012 for the main server then we wont have the issue of the rdp client

so server edition does effect the speed of rdp?

I am using server 2008 without issue - 5 tablets all connect via rdp and SambaPOS is running great on server 2008 r2

Server edition is built for concurrent RDP and it is more efficient at handeling RDP … Yes server edition will do a better job handeling RDP. To get RDP running on Win 7 pro or Win8 Pro you technically have to hack the OS it was not built to run RPD concurrently as a server environment.

You technically are violating license agreement with Microsoft when you hack your OS to run concurrent RDP on windows 7 pro or win 8 pro.