Rebuild DB form version 4 to version 5


I’ve upgraded to version 5 and restored the DB with the DB tools. I’ve also used the Delete all transaction task. The problem is that the DB didn’t really shrink much. What else can i do to ensure i Start with a new clean DB. The reason I didn’t start with new DB is because I don’t want to recapture all the Products, Recipes and inventory items.
Any suggestions what else i can do to reduce the size of the DB?

How big is it? And why do you want to shrink it?

The DB without any images, or transactions is almost 50MB. The products and inventory items are less then 1000.

That’s nothing. Why would you be concerned? Imsges are not stored in db

I was only concern that we bring old inefficiency from version 4 to version 5, because the back is taking significantly longer than when I start with a blank/new setup DB.

As @Jesse has said 50MB for your database is not really significant, ours is currently approaching 4GB and is running nicely. Some time ago I did have issues with it slowing down which turned out to be an issue with index maintenance. I am wondering if maybe you are seeing something similar and assuming it is due to database size. I have since implemented a daily index maintenance task using the very nice script available for free at This is held in the database as a stored procedure and runs at 3.00 AM everyday, triggered via Windows task scheduler. Since then I have had no issues.

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