Rebuilding from scratch

Hello, I’ve used SambaPOS for many years and think its a fantastic tool. Unfortunately it runs slow and has delays when trying to start orders. I believe this is my own doing from all the little things I’ve tinkered with over the years.

I know there are many tutorials on setting up the sql server, but I am wondering if anyone has any tips for optimizing the computer and tips for networking?

The biggest significant factor will be get at least 8gig ram and a really good fast ssd. If you can get the m.2 full pci lane drives they are the best.

Also avoid using tons of report tags for visual things on entity screens. It’s best to load it to memory and reference that in the entity state.

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The j64 cpu is a very good cost effective chip. On par with the i3 on performance for much less cost.

When you say 8gb ram, do you mean for the server or for the terminals as well?

The new server is an - hp elite desk i7-6700 8gb ram and 512 ssd.

I just ordered some new terminals they aren’t here yet but they are i5 with 4gb ram

Ah for terminals you can do j1900 as minimum but I recommend j34 or j64 or i3. The i5 will work but it’s overkill honestly. You only need 4g ram for terminals.

For speed try to not use as many report tags for visual things. This is very important for entity screens.