Recalculate all tickets from one month

Hello everybody,
I’d like to ask if it is possible to recalculate every single ticket from one month in order to update the Tax.
The problem is that I forgot to map a product into the Tax template, and so my monthly report is wrong.

Is there a way do do that maybe by sql or similar?

Did you actually collect the right tax from customers though? I mean if you didnt map it then the tax was not charged right?

Technically speaking I did not, but all prices are tax included so It is not affecting the gross Total.

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People think they paid taxes and taxes have also to be paid on the products that were sold.

There is not a way to recalculate tickets but you can easily figure out how many of those items were sold up until you did fix the tax on it. You can easily calculate tax you need to pay based on that.

Recalculating tickets will give you inaccurate data.

Custom Reports can be used to build a report to show items in question.