Recall Last Customer Order

I’ve been trying to setup same customer orders for when a repeat customer comes ordering the same thing oftenly.

I followed the first method of this tutorial

and I managed to get it working.
However it only works when ticket is created. It does not apply when you click on a Table then click on a customer.

I have 2 departments.
Take Away and Dine In

It works in Takeaway fine

But In DIne In it doesn’t.
It just goes straight to order screen.

In the tutorial markj used 2nd method but he also noted the same thing,
Using entity state in a ticket entity changed rule was suggested, but I created that rule with custom Entity and it didn’t do anything.
Below is my entity and rule

The reason I used the first method because I liked the ask question prompt.
The client im setting this up for main purpose of use for this is for repeat customers. So even though the second method is in some ways better, I believe this would better suit it.

Any ideas is greatly welcome and appreciated.