Receipt not totaling properly

I am getting reports from the wait staff that if they add an order tag then remove it that the receipt total price does not calculate properly. Here is a scan of one such receipt.

I just added it twice and I came up with Sub Total of 65.66, Tax of 3.94 and Total of 69.60. The person who gave it to me said it was off by 79 or 80 cents.

Regardless something isn’t working right.
Thanks for your help.

What is you tax rate?

Sorry, the tax rate is 6%.

Which Order Tag(s) ? Start by looking at the Order Tag Group configurations.

There are many things that could cause this:

Are all Products Taxed, or are there some which are not?

Is Tax included in Product Price, or not?

Is Tax included in Order Tag Price, or not?

Is Order Tag Price added to the Product Price, or not?

Are there any Calculations on the Ticket that might not be showing on the Print?

Do you use Rounding functions?

What is the order in which things are applied when it comes to Tax, Round, Calculations, Tips, etc? You can shuffle the Transaction Types.

Are the Totals correct on the Screen, but incorrect on the Print? If so…
Are you using the proper Printer Tags in your Template?

Start simple:

Add Order
Tag it.
Remove the Tag.
Check all Totals.
Repeat with other Products/Tags until the Total drifts.

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I was told that if he “puts two cheeseburgers on and takes the fries off, they come off the screen, but they stay on the one ticket… It does the same thing with vegetables taken off a taco salad”.

So it seems as if it’s a printing issue but there shouldn’t be any calculations done on the print template. They should all be values pulled from the ticket.

I changed it so the fries are not default for the burgers (they are $2 extra) so they have to be specifically added. But I think he was saying they just have to be added then taken off, not sure if there is a difference between the user adding them or them being added as a default within the menu.

I do not use rounding functions.
I do not have any order tag prices added to the product price.
All products are taxed with the same 6% rate.

It seems to be that the price is not getting taken off when the order tag is taken off.