Receipt printed with unknown code


i have a problem with printing receipt in English correctly. the printed receipt is displayed below

and this is my setting page

i have searched the forum and still have no clue how this happened.


the thermal printer is POSIFLEX PP8000B that has a Serial to USB connection to a Windows 7 based computer.
the page code of the printer is 437, the same as settings. and the printer templates come default.

your suggestion is much appreciated and thanks in advance.

I’ve checked specs. It supports OPOS but it might not support ESC\POS. You can try HTML printer.

many thanks for your prompt reply.

i have tried HTML mode (other settings remain the same) but no luck. the printer just gave me a 2 metre long receipt.

is that a problem of character set or the printer?

HTML printer prints in postscript mode and it should work for your printer but I don’t know if you should enable a setting for that. Can you try printing a Test Page through printer settings?

I mean windows test page.

Go to control panel > devices and printers > right click on your printer > Select Printer Properties and click Print Test Page. I’m trying to understand if it can work in HTML printer mode.

the test page is yet another long unknown code.

From the information at the end of this page I assume it should print a test page.

It might be a driver issue.

it might be cos the printer is DB9 serial interfaced. because the MB do not have a serial port, i used a adapter to convert the serial to USB interface. should i buy a PCIE card for that?

My guess is that the printer is in Native Mode (OPOS).
If you hold down the feed button while powering on it should enter config mode. Follow the directions on the printouts to change to Windows Driver mode (ESC/POS)

Could you be more specific, I don’t quite follow your idea.

Receipt printers typically have 2 modes.
1… Native mode or OPOS mode. This provides a very specific way to send data to the printer.
2… Windows mode or ESC/POS. This uses the windows driver and again has it’s own way to send data to the printer.

Most printers can be reconfigured using the printer itself. When you hold down the feed button on the printer and power it on, it should enter configuration mode and print out the current config. At the bottom of the config it should tell you how to change settings by pressing or holding the feed button. All you need to do is find the printer mode setting and change to Windows Driver.

The printers manual should cover all of this.

If in doubt, take it back to where you bought it and ask them to put it into ESC/POS mode.

Thanks heaps for the head-up John. the problem now have been solved.

it is the serial to usb adapter that i did not configure all the settings to match the printer.
the communication was misinterpreted. now it’s all good.

Thanks again, @emre and @JohnS

Hope am not late to try and assit you but you need to set up the speed to be the same as the comp. ie if you are using a serial cable ensure the baudrate is the same.

A pc has 9600 and your printer has 115200.

Confirm if you are using a serial cable or usb???