Receivables account balance

I might be wrong but typically shouldn’t receivables show a 0 balance?
Just noticed on the hotel accounts screen the receivables balance has slowly built up to a respectable amount over the last year…
Looking at transactions it seems tax transactions are being dropped.
Accounting wise for use this is not an issue as our tax is calculated on the PMS side of our setup after my integrations transfers it over which includes if taxable variable using the tax mappings however this might be an issue for others.
Remember there was a tax issue a while back but cant remember the version, the live system is still on 5.1.60.

Receivables should be 0.

That said, there are a number of things that could cause it to drift or creep. It comes down to how you have your Transaction Types set up. What goes in to Receivables should come out.

Check your Tx Types to see where something might be going in, but not come out.

Looking down the transactions it does seem some tickets are missing there tax part…