Recipe improvements

Hi Emre

Would like to suggest the following improvements for recipes:

  • When creating a recipe, display a total of the inventory cost + fixed cost on that screen
  • When changing the cost of an inventory item, allow the user to display/print a report of the recipe’s whose cost is affected by the change (i.e. all recipes that have that inventory item as an ingredient)
  • When viewing a Product, show the associated recipes for each portion, along with the total cost of that recipe

This will help a lot with the generation of Product prices based on the ingredients.

@grimstoner thank you very much for the suggestions.

I couldn’t understand something on second one. What do you mean by “When changing the cost of an inventory item”?

Hey @emre

Sorry, I was assuming that you had to specify a price per transaction unit of an inventory item.

My goal is to be able to export a report that details every recipe, along with the ingredients in that recipe, along with the total cost of that recipe, and the selling price of the product associated with that recipe, i.e.

Recipe: Ham and Cheese sandwich

Ingredient | Quantity | % of TU | Cost per TU | Default Cost per ingredient
Ham        | 2 slices | 3%      | $5          | $0.15
Cheese     | 50g      | 2%      | $15         | $0.30
Bread      | 2 slices | 12.5%   | $2          | $0.25
Fixed cost | 1        | 100%    | $0.15       | $0.15

Total cost: $0.85
Used in products:

Product                          | Product Price  | Profit
Ham and Cheese Sandwich          | $1.00          | $0.15

If the price for Cheese were to say double, the cost of the recipe would then be $1.15. However, the product for the recipe would still be sold for $1.00, unless updated, leading to a loss. In this example its simple, since there’s only one product affected by the ingredient change. But if you were to change the price of an ingredient that’s part of 50+ recipes (like in our pizzeria, tomatoes that is used in the pizza base, affecting all pizza prices) it can be hard to keep track of the products whose prices you should change.

Since you’re not capturing a price for an ingredient (I assume this pricing is handled by Transactions), could you not add a Default Ingredient Price on an ingredient, on which these calculations are made? Or maybe calculate the average Ingredient price based on Purchase Transactions?