Recipes Costs Calculation

Can this fixed cost calculated automatically one of the guys here comparing samba pos to aura and he mentioned that it does the recipe calculation automatically

Is that supported on V4 or V5 or what would be the best way to calculate it?

Fixed cost that you showed is for adding an extra fixed amount to the recipe. Its not the cost of the food.

so how do you calculate the cost of the food ? Is there a way to do that ? whats your approach for that ? Any suggestions or advise

Cost of the food is derived from the purchase price of the inventory items.

Yes but if we are looking at the product item level for example the cost for making a pizza with its recipes should we use also inventory for that ?

A Recipe uses Inventory Item purchase price for all items and units in the Recipe to derive the cost of the Recipe, which is mapped to the Menu Item Product.

I have a feeling you are really asking how to dynamically build a pizza with varying ingredients per the customer order using Order Tags, and ensure it calculates cost properly for that particular Order.

If that is the case, you must create Products for every Ingredient (Tomato, Ham, Pineapple, etc). Then in your Order Tags, you map those Ingredient Products to the Order Tag. Then in Inventory, you create a Recipe for every Ingredient Product.

In V5 this has been improved greatly, to allow Order Tag mapping within the Recipe itself.