Recipes Gone and now cannot use create recipe button

I was adding inventory and updating Recipes when I guess I deleted all recipes by mistake

I thought I would just use the “Create Recipe” button and get them all back but when I press it and select the group to create then it says “All selected products have recipes” which they are not there to see.

I can add recipes again but that will take forever.

The only thing I have not done is end a work period, but system restart I did but no change.

Any ideas?

Do you have a backup of the database before making this change?

You may be able to run the backup, make an export and insert into the current db,

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Unfortunately don’t have a resent backup so will loose some days of work, but that you for advice it will be the way I go forward.

Have you tried deleting layout files? Can you check in mssms to confirm they are still there?

Under the Database Folder in SMS, where would I find Layout?

Layout files are not in the database they are in documents/Sambapos folder.

That’s them. Try deleting those see if it helps.

Deleted the lot, then restarted but unfortunately no change… “All Selected Products have Recipes”

Have you verified they are in the database?

You’ll need to advise what im looking at

Right click the table dbo.Recipes and choose select top 1000

Nope, they not there.

You have two recipes are you selecting all and trying to create? If you even have one recipe it will not build the rest.

Those two recipes I created afterwards to try and figure out why Sambapos would say they are all there there but they clearly are not. I deleted them and tested again but got hte same error message

Im trying to export only recipes and inventory as you suggested but for the life of me I can find it in the Export drop down boxes…

My understanding was that I would only export the missing recipes, products and inventory items.

Do you think this is my only other option @Jesse ?

As I read that products can not be exported via database tool (the one thing you really need to export!)

Sorry just read that this export of the database is for menu products only and not for recipes and inventory.