Recipes with Fixed cost amount only linked to products being sold

Hello guys,

Need to ask a question, if I put in recipes with just a pre-calculated cost value of the dish in the FIXED COST section of the recipe. Will it show the total cost of the dish that was sold in the end of day report?


I sell a pizza for 500 and the cost for making 1 pizza is 100. I add this 100 in the fixed cost section of the recipe, link it to my pos product and leave everything else blank.

If I sell 5 pizzas total revenue would be 2,500 and cost would be 500. Is this possible and will this be visible in the end of day report?

Fixed cost in recipe is how you add additional fixed cost on top of your recipe. Example you want $2 cost added to show average labor cost.

The actual cost of product sold is the average of what you paid for it when you make warehouse purchase.

Yes you can build cost report based on inventory.

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I manage my inventory and costings separately on a different software and it already has all recipe costs calculated. Just want to put in the cost of the entire dish in the fixed cost section so when ever the dish is sold the cost amount of the dish is visible in the end of day reports.

Is the above possible??

No you would need to do something custom for that.

Any suggestion or idea regarding the customisation?

Is there a way to show total recipe cost on the recipe recipe screen?

Our cost system is based on Warehouse purchases. It is an average cost. Right now we do not show that on recipe screen.