Recommend hardware to use in the UK and where to buy them


Can someone suggest a good hardware setup? eg good touch screen or all in one system etc.

Many thanks

Many hardware partners and distributors are available. @markjw or @JTRTech can probably recommend some.

FEC, PartnerTech are a couple.


Mark is more familiar with all in ones, I concentrate on separates, ELO screens with whatever computer you preffer, I usually go for Dell USFF pcs as can get good deal on refurb/used. I prefer separates as usually cheaper/more spec per £ on a budget.

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We mainly sell FEC all in one systems, they are good quality and well liked by our customers, however they are not the cheapest.

You can contact them directly to open a trade account

You can also have a look at:

All these companies mentioned are trade only - you need to be a POS reseller and open a trade account with them. They do not sell direct to the public.


Thank you so much, everyone!