Recommendations for white label alternatives to GloriaFood and CloudWaitress

After GloriaFood’s merger with Oracle, we decided to move away from that service. Over the last few months, we’ve migrated some stores to CloudWaitress.

However, there are some things we’ve wanted addressed with CloudWaitress and their replies have been less than forthcoming or they want some exorbitant amount of money to implement a feature that would ultimately be available to others for no-cost (e.g. payment integrations).

From undocumented APIs, to unescaped quotes in JSON responses, to changing the API response without notice (and temporarily breaking integration), to price properties that could be a string, an integer, or an object, to no clear marking of portions, to a menu API that is setup like GraphQL without, ya know, the benefits of it, I am quickly approaching my wits’ end.

Anyone know of any alternatives out there?

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What was the main reason of moving away from GloriaFood?

I’m not a fan of Oracle as a company (though I want their RDBMS to have my babies).

Though I can’t know for sure what improvements, if any, Oracle will make to the platform, one thing that’s been abundantly clear is that GloriaFood is not open to acting on feedback from its users.

THere were concerns raised by some clients about functionality, flow, and UI/UX that prompted the change. I can’t recall the specifics as I’m just the code monkey; @Farrukh_Shah gets to deal with the customers.


Would also be very interested to know of an alternative. GloriaFood hasn’t improved in any way (and has definitely deteriorated in reliability) in the last two years we’ve been using it and frankly I’m surprised Oracle would acquire something that is so poor.

We will have our own in a few months.

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