Recommended RDP Router



Many times the tablets disconnect from Sambapos so i disconnect from the router connection on the main pc(server) and connect again and wait for a while so the tablets can connect, so i think the problem is with the router.
So can you guys recommend a router plz?

Thank you


Your using RDP to a pc rather than mobile app right?
There are many factors beyond the router which by the way is a rather vague term. General network speed and stability, wifi coverage. Other networks interfering.
Do you have a single router/modem/wireless ap?
Personally I really like Unifi UAPs for wifi Aps


Well i ll research abt the unifi UAP
thank you


They are only wireless access points.
As said there are many factors effecting wireless terminals.
Wifi coverage/interferance is on a whole the first thing to sort. You want good coverage throughout, a single IP provided box is generally not enough for most places other than very small place where box is nicely positioned centrally. Just having a connection and working internet doesnt = good rdp etc, low signal or interferance quickly drops throughput.
Also consider 5ghx is supported by tablets as higher frequency is generally a bit clearer from interferance from neighbouring SSIDs