Recover Admin Password


I am a new user of Samba POS.

Yesterday we configured the POS with SambaPOS software at Garlic Restaurant, Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The users were added and the admin password was also reset. But now the staff is able to login with their pin but the admin pin is not working.

Now am not having access to manage the POS software. Please let me know if there is a method to recover the admin PIN.

Please help.

PM me a backup of your database.

User, Role, and PinCode are plain-text in the database:

  FROM [SambaPOS4].[dbo].[Users]
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i have pm the database.

Can you please suggest how i access sdf file. I tried using notepad but its not supporting the fonts.

Awaiting your advice.

An .SDF file is SQL CE (Compact Edition). Use something like SQL Compact Query Analyzer

It will be better if users can just let us know issue solved or not. I remember we solved it through PM.

Sorry @emre, I didn’t realize the post was 18 days old, for some reason it showed the link to the topic as being new, so I answered the question.

Maybe because it is a reply to you. Should we automatically lock question topics if it is more than 15 (or something else) days old?

I think we should. If someone has a concern that references one of them they should make a new thread anyway. It would prevent a lot of confusion and make new questions easier to read.

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