Recreating the Sambapos V3 Tutorial on Membership Discount in V5

Hi Guys
Need to Help Recreating the Sambapos V3 Tutorial on Membership Discount in V5.

Specially help with this rule in the Pictures,

Please provide a link to that Tutorial.

The Custom Constraint should probably be something like:

{ENTITY DATA:Customers:nameOfCustomDataField} Equals VIP

But we need to know the value for nameOfCustomDataField and instead of Equals, it could possibly be Matches or Contains.

But without seeing the Tutorial, it is just guessing.

EDIT: found this …

Going by that ^, the Custom Constraint would be:

{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Customer Type} Equals VIP

Using Matches or Contains should also work.


Please I i can’t see the {ENTITY DATA:Customers:nameOfCustomDataField} Equals VIP in my Sitting. Please an image will help me understand it quickly. Thanks for your support.

You literally just type it in the box on the left. Don’t use one of the values from the drop-down.

Copy this and paste it in the box on the left side of the constraint:

{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Customer Type}

I tried it but it did not work i guess i am making a mistake at one of this areas.

Umm I thought you were trying to convert it to v5… so show us what you tried in v5…

This is what i tried in V5.

LOL really? So your customer type is called nameOfCustomDataField?

Did you not try what @qmckay said?

He actually gave you exactly what to type.

EDIT: Ok I see where you got that from… btw Qmckay was using that figuratively it was not literal… but in a later post he gave you exactly what to type.

For the record nameOfCustomDataField means nothing… it was just something he typed so you could get the idea since at the time we did not know what your field was named. So change nameOfCustomDataField to Customer Type.

Literally make it look like this:

This will probably work as well:


It works great. Many thanks to your you and Qmckay

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