Reduce ticket area or option to change ticket area

Hi @emre,

It seems that we loosing a lot of space in the ticket area. It will be very beneficial if you can change ticket width or if you can reduce ticket area.

Reducing ticket area will free up more space for Category section.

I think ticket area is very large. Receipt printers can not print that many characters.

Thank you,

Hi everyone?!

Any thoughts on the above request? Just curious to what you guys think?

Its not an issue for me I personally like it as is and would not want it smaller. I am not positive as I’ve not seen it asked but I do not think this screen has anything to do with printed ticket characters.

Currently it is a percentage of Window width - you can see it grow and shrink when you resize the window.

It has no effect on printing.

I am also fine with the way it is now, though having an option to set it’s width (percent) could be nice.

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@Jesse and @QMcKay

I understand ticket screen does not have anything to do with printing. I think the ticket section on the screen can display approximately 50 characters, but receipt printers print about 30-40 characters. By reducing ticket section on the screen, we will gain more real estate for Categories and Products. I will also help people with tables.

I am OK with the way it is as well, but if I had the option to reduce ticket section, I would definitely reduce it.

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