Refund Button/sort of Issue

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening fellow SambaPOS users and devs!

Now I have been using Samba V4 for some time now, and I have made a pretty good setup. But I need a few tips and tricks that you could possibly help me out with.

The issue I have is that, I myself, the owner and my family of course eat and drink in our cafe/restaurant, and sometimes, the cashier messes up and registers the items without knowing its us who ordered them, or we invited someone for the matter.

Thing is, I have VOID item button, which I am pretty happy that turns out in the work period and item sales report, and also the REFUND button, which once again I am happy with. I have a third button similar to the VOID and REFUND buttons called OWNER’s which I taught my cashier to use for things me and my family take and eat. Now I do not want items under OWNER’s to appear in the item sales and work period report. Is there any way to edit the Work Period Reports or Item Sales Reports to remove any items “removed from ticket” by OWNER’s button? I want this button to function, I just don’t want it to appear in work period/item sales report…

any suggestions?

P.S I heard you can edit default work period and item sales reports in V5… but any help in V4?

Custom reports which is included in V5 is available for V4 as a paid module but doesnt allow edit of the default work period report like it does in V5 although you could create your own work period report and set that to print on end of day.

You gavn’t mentioned gift, have you tried the gift button to see if that would work for you?
You could set it up that owner is a second type of gift state.

Gift shows up in the Work Period and Item Sales Report… :confused:

But if you remove these sales completly you will be unable to account for in stocktake using item sales report.

Yeah, I know that. Point is, I’m not using the inventory/warehouse/stocktake features on Samba. Just the POS system itself. I got something else for the inventory for now…

So? Any way I can do this? I noticed if I go to the Gift State and un tick the options to view it in Work Period and Item Sales report, it does disappear but so do the VOID items as well. Any way I can keep seeing the Voided Items in reports but not see the Gifted Items?

It seems that the VOID feature is linked to GIFT…

Am not 100% but in theory Gift and Void have a GStatus of Gift or Void.
That state your defining is for whole GStatus.
You could try defining Gift and Void seperatly.
Personally I would leave gift as it is and maybe define an additional GStatus of OWNER although that would still show in report is GStaus state is defined to be reported.

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Perhaps I can create a new status with a group code of LStatus for example? And add OWNER’s to this LStatus group?

I will try and see what happens.

Be sure to understand the other actions in the void and gift rules so that you can replicate the appropriate result.
Note the Update Order Gift State action has the Gstatus defined in the action itself so you would need to replicate that with an LStatus.

Out of interest… LStatus… Whats L?

Particularly nothing, but I read you can create States and name Group States as you wish in the FAQ, unless I read something wrong… basically it can be any "Letter"State.

Can be anything, Doesn’t even need to be "Letter"State.

I have all sorts of states;
KitchenCourse: Starters,Mains,Desserts --> for on screen grouping (V5 only) and kitchen ticket grouping.
KitchenOrder: Kitchen Order --> Defining what prints to kitchen
BarOrder: Bar Order --> Defining what prints to bar
EntityRerquired: Entity Required --> settle button checks if there are entity required orders (food) and only works if a table is selected.
Entity: Selected (ticket state) which is set when an entity is selected

Some of the more complex setups like kendash will probably have many many more.

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Hmm, I see. Well, let’s see if I can seperate OWNER’s from GStatus… but I dunno if this will work.

UPDATE: I made it work. Just like I said. Duplicated everything what had to do with GIFT, but called it something else and added it under an XStatus. Works like a charm. ^^

Thank you for your help and support @JTRTech ! :smile: