Refund Item button

@QMcKay Thanks for the refund and its suits me as I only use Bar Inventory , But one question how to show refund in receipt (Transaction ) Any Command suggestion would be great thanks.

You would add an [ORDERS:Refund] section to your template.

-- Default format for orders

-- Format for gifted orders

-- Nothing will print for void lines


@QMcKay Thank u but inventory not working properly, its showing consumption not putting back any suggetions thanks.

@gsreddy, my suggestion is that you have made a mistake in your setup.

Is the Ask Question Action firing?

Post a screenshot of the Ask Question Action. It is important that True/False values are used because that is what the Update Order Action is expecting as a Parameter.

Also show the Rule called RU Refund Item Update that contains the AC Refund Item Action (an Update Order Action). It should be supplying the [:CommandValue] of True or False to the Update Order action via the Ask Question answer.

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i don’t know what is the problem. the refund button did not appear. i already review my work

Sir QMcKay please check this one… the inventory not working properly

@ralph please post a screenshot of the >> Ask Question << Action as @QMcKay suggested.

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Hi sir @emre my 1st post picture that is not the ask question that you mean sir? if its not sir can where i could find it? Thanks sir

That was it in operation we need to see the rule that executes it.

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this is what you mean sir?

or this one?

Good Day admin… hoping i can solve this problem

You should also have rules that tell samba what to do when you press yes and no, without these when you press yes or no nothing will happen

OK I’ve reimplemented tutorial and I’ll suggest these changes.

Original action setting both Increase Inventory & Decrease Inventory values as True to put inventory back. That might work at the time that tutorial prepared but when we update already existing order to put inventory back we should set Decrease Inventory to False. (Like void button does). Setting Increase inventory to true useful if we create new order lines to increase inventory.

That change switches true with false as we’ll set decrease inventory to false instead of setting increase inventory to true.

PS: Also Refund Item button referred as AU Refund Item on RU Refund Item Ask Question Inventory rule screen shot.

@QMcKay Can you please let me know if these changes works properly for your setup? If so I can post new screen shots.

Thanks for this sir… i already solve the problem… i change it like this… and now the inventory at refund is going good.

@ralph that’s fine if you don’t need to ask and just increase inventory for all refunds. In this case you can remove ask question action and related rule to clear unused actions.

If you need to ask to keep inventory level or not you can try my suggestion. These tutorials does not mean refunds should work that way. Tutorials meant to demonstrate how SambaPOS features works.

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Thank you so much sir… good idea… nice