Refund of donations

we take $2 as an optional donation with each service for a charity
at the end of each day the charity comes in and collects the money.

we have a button for the $2, is it possible to run a report for the amount of customers that gave the $2 and then process it as a refund to the charity.

it doesn’t need to be recorded in our accounts.

so if 50 people gave $2, I need to refund $100 out of the system.

Is it a Product in the Menu or is it an Automation Command? Either way, you should be able to track it.

product in the menu
I can run a report as part of the end of day period, but can I run one immediately before?

You can look at and print any Report at any time via the Report Explorer.

That has nothing to do with whether the Workperiod is Open or Closed.

ok, I will check tomorrow,
do I then create a menu button for the refund as it could be on 50 tickets - or do I have to refund 50 individual tickets?

Your best option is to change the Transaction Type for the Donation Product so that it does not go into your Sales Account at all. That way, a “refund” is not necessary.

Create a Donation Account Type, a Donation Account, and a Donation Transaction Type.

The Donation Transaction Type should go from the “Donation” Account (source) to the Receivables Account (target), instead of “Sales” to Receivables.

Create an Action for Update Order with the Parameter for “Account Transaction Type” set to the Donation Transaction Type you created above.

Create a Rule for Order Added with a Constraint for the “Donation” Product, and put the Update Order Action in that Rule.

Now all Donations (ie. a “sale” of a “Donation” product) will go into the Donation Account instead of the Sales Account, and no Refund is required.

Account Type - Donation Accounts

Account - Donations

Transaction Type - Donation Transaction

Action - Update Order

Rule - Order Added

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