Refund to credit note

I’m looking to setup a refund system where the customer returns an item and I issue a credit note for the balance of the original ticket. I setup @QMcKay refund tutorial but I would also like to refund to customer account or issue a credit note something like the gift certificate maybe? The workflow I was thinking

  1. Customer returns item/items
  2. I pull up the ticket of original sale and reopen ticket
  3. Select items to be refunded
  4. Click settle
  5. Tender by Credit Note
  6. The returned balance is then printed on a credit note for them to use in the future. (Like Gift Certificate)

Is it possible to have a ticket type that would be negative? e.g I was thinking maybe create a ticket type called returns then create an action to switch ticket type. Once the ticket type is set to returns anything selected will be negative? Settle ticket and select Customer Account. The returned items balance is then added to the customer account.

Hope Im making sense if not I can try upload some screenshots. Does anyone else issue credit notes?

Look into reverse transactions and reverse accounting. I think that would benefit your need more. You basically design accounting like a sale but reverse the flow.

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Yes that is what i am trying to do reverse accounting. One thing I noticed about @QMcKay refund tutorial is lets say you sell 6 cans of coke. When you are adding the cans of coke to the ticket if you select 1 can of coke and increase the amount to 6. When refunding you have to refund the whole 6 cans you cant refund just 1 can from the 6. Is there any way around this?