Refund with Action to increase Inventory isnt working

thanks, i was waiting for you to finalise your refund setup by opening a ticket to refund it

ive got a more ad hoc setup that doesnt relate to a previous ticket, it basically creates a new ticket for a refund. so just add an item to the ticket, press the item to get the order options and there is an red refund item button

I see so add the same item to the finalized ticket and then press the refund button?

EDIT: Never mind I think I get what your saying. Just add that item to a new ticket then refund it.

ignore the tag options that come up such as ordered wrong item etc, im just part way through changing the setup, i used to use those to add to the order but ive now added the blue ask question to determine whether to put the item back into stock or not and this is when ive found the inventory issue on saleable returns

im adding another ask questions action so that when either saleable or damaged is selected from the blue ask question screen another screen appears asking for the return reason which i will add as a ticket tag or order tag if i can set it up lol

yea create a brand new ticket, add the item, select it and press refund

I need to explore why but it looks to me like the action is not updating the order.

strange, as i cloned that rule when i made the damaged rule and just changed the update inventory part of the update order action

thanks for looking into it :slight_smile:

It works if you dont process a payment and just close ticket. I am still looking into it.

Was wrong this still does not work.

Ok @RickH got solution for you. First set your Action as this:

Then set your rule like this:

Thanks @kendash thats sorts the inventory level however now the price doesnt turn to a minus, so it thinks i have sold the refund and taken money from the customer rather than giving it out to them. it seems the 0-Order.Price doesnt work in the action

EDIT - just checked my accounts and it is treating the refund as a sale and isnt deducting the price amount as when refunding it doesnt become a minus figure

it seems the action cant have quantity as a minus number AND price set as a minus number so i can either have the price set correctly as a minus, or inventory set correctly.

Got anymore ideas?

It works if you use it as a variable like I showed above and not in the action itself.

i cant get it to work using it as a variable, i copied what you did but it doesnt work, ill try again now

i now get it to show as -1 and the price is minus, when processing the refund the cash values in account are now correct but inventory still hasnt updated.

ive just cleared all transacation, sold one item to take inventory balance to -1, then i refunded the same item but inventory still says -1 instead of zero

Show your action again and rule.



Rule expanded

ive got an ask question now set up to ask if item should go back into stock (increase inventory) or not (throw away). when pressing either yes or no the price is turned into a minus but the inventory doesnt work it still treats it as a sale and decreases inventory in BOTH cases.

@QMcKay as your “active” and i know youve done something similar with refunds and increasing inventory for “good” stock that can be sold again or not adding to inventory if its being returned as damaged or wasteage, can you see where im going wrong, my refund rules for refund back to stock, or refund as wasteage are not correctly updating inventory.

Refunding back to stock actually reduces inventory even though increase inventory setting is set to True, and my wasteage rule has increase inventory set to false but it still deducts it as if its a sale

ill post my new flow and actions and rules in a few mins

Sometimes the solution is to simply remove the Action in question from the Rule, save the Rule, add the Action back in, then save the Rule again.

I’m not very familiar with your setup. I use a single Ticket Type. My Refund is very simple. It asks a question to return to stock or not, then fires the appropriate action to increase or not.

EDIT: I just looked through the thread. There are some major differences in our setups.

  • the Ticket Type never changes
  • the Refund is done via Reopen Settled Ticket and Cancel Payments. This removes the money from which ever Payment Type was used… automatically.
  • I select the item and click Refund Item
  • Ask Question for put back in stock or not
  • Update the Order accordingly
  • Re-settle the Ticket

The Flow

This is an ad hoc refund system and doesnt need to re-open a settled ticket, i simply create a new ticket and turn the ticket into a refund ticket/transaction

Starting Accounts - just £50 till float entered

Starting Inventory - currently all balances zero

Add item to ticket

Select item and press the refund button on order line

This displays a list of return reasons (Good stock reasons on left, Bad stock reasons on right) select one to continue and ask question appears

Issue 1 - I selected Yes (before i added this ask question when i pressed the reason for return that reason was added below the item on the receipt, now its either adding YES or NO instead based on the ask question button pressed, can this be changed so that my return reason is added instead of the Yes or No from the ask question button?)

Issue 2 - Order updated to refund (1.25), settle refund and the money in accounts updates correctly but instead of adding to inventory as i refunded to good stock, it still deducts instead

Accounts show 48.75 of cash in till and a refund value of 1.25, which is spot on

As i refunded to good stock and increase inventory is set to true my stock balance should be +1 as it started at zero, but instead it shows -1 (dry roasted peanuts)

Rules and actions coming next

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Automation Command Button - Ad Hoc Refund

Ad Hoc Refund Actions

  1. Add to inventory

  2. Do NOT add or deduct from inventory

in both cases money in accounts in correct, inventory balances are not @Jesse was helping me yesterday with different settings in these actions but i couldnt get them to correct inventory

Ad Hoc Refund Rules

  1. Ask Question

im guessing this is overriding my return reasons from being added to the ticket?

  1. Return to stock rule

actions expanded

  1. Return as damaged/wasteage (do not add to inventory)

actions expanded

Let me know if its easier to send you a backup to play with?

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