Refund with Action to increase Inventory isnt working

I have a refund system setup so that if an item shouldnt be put back onto the inventory (damaged, past sell by date etc) i can refund it without it affecting the inventory

When refunding you are given the option to put the item back into saleable stock or damage stock, Damage stock works fine and inventory isnt affected, however when processing to saleable stock instead of INCREASING the inventory it is decreased as if im processing a sale.

Here is my action that is set to increase inventory TRUE, but this does not happen, inventory actually decreases.

Any Ideas?

Can you show the Ticket Type your using with it expanded?

Now show your rule where you are using this action.


So show the Ticket Type for your normal sales?

this is identical to my Damaged rule where inventory does not change,the only difference is the action where inventory is set to increase

How are you processing this refund? I mean how are you handling the money?

i have a refund cash button and a refund card button so when an item is refunded via any of these two buttons the correct refund account (Cash or Card) is updated to show the amount of refunds processed for each

So are those buttons payment types? What I am asking is are you reverse transaction?


Ok then basically your returning the item with the action its adding it to inventory and then your turning right around and selling the item again (Taking it out of inventory) when you process payment aka the return payment type.

Try running the update order action on Payment Processed with that Payment Type instead.

if that happened wouldnt my inventory stay the same start 10, refund 1 adds to make 11, then process payment takes it off again making 10

What mine is doing it starting at 10 and then when processed i have 9, if i refunded again i have 8 etc etc

instead of 10, 11, 12

Somewhere the action is getting nullified. What is update ticket Refund?

PM me a copy of your database and I will run it with the nifty Rule Debugger in V5 to see what its doing?

Cheers, sent, youll probably find a load of errors now haha

Ok now how do I process a return lol. Cant find a reopen settled ticket button.

EDIT: very interesting what you have done btw. You have a very complex setup. Love seeing other people really digging into samba like this.