Refunds showing as Debit not Credit In accounts


I’ve been using Sambapos for almost one year now and have loved it, we’re planning on upgrading to v5 when funds are a bit better!

We’re moving over to computerized accountancy (21st century I know) with HMRC forcing everyone.

Restaurant accounts aren’t complicated as well all know, pen and paper is easy - thats a different matter and i need to drag myself into the present day.

We seem to have some confusion with the way refunds are handled in the accounts.

We have been using the end of work period reports until now, never looked or needed to look in the accounts section before now.

Ticket #349 has a negative balance of two products, but it is shown as a sale in the accountancy?

It does seem that every negative balanced ticket is being recorded wrong.

Shouldn’t the sales transaction actually be in the Credit column?
Further more, how can we fix it!

All help is very much appreciated!

How did you setup refunds? Refunds are not default part of sambapos so first we need to see how you configured them. Generally refunds wont affect sales. Whether you refund it or not at some pint you sold it. Refunding it doesn’t change that fact. Refund just reallocates cash and merchandise.

You should be looking at reports. Accounting is the engine that moves the numbers around. Reports is what you look at too see what’s happening.

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A negative Value will shift the Transaction Value from the Credit to the Debit column (or vice-versa, depending on the Transaction Type configuration Source and Target Accounts).

There is no such thing as a negative Debit or Credit. They are always “positive” (in fact they are just a number value with no sign).

The Balance is what shows positive or negative depending on whether the Account was Credited or Debited.

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Thanks for your replies.

Its all double accounting so i get the no negatives no problem.

What we did was use a product aptly named “custom” which has a free product tag.and we can put anything we like in there. custom products etc.

So what was done here is using a product modifier put a negative number in the price field giving the product line a negative balance.

The ticket refunded fine and looked great on the reports, it just in the accounts it doesn’t balance.