Regarding Change Ticket Type

I have created a Two Buttons like Delivery, Dine In and I have Three Ticket Types like Dine In, Delivery and Take Away.
How can change Ticket Type through an action by clicking that button?

Ive commented on this question in another post why have you created the question again?

If you search the forum you will see this have been covered with details on how to achieve through a toggle button

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Thanks for your info. But I have one question that if give a Tag Value in a ticket and I want to clear tag value, then how can I create a action to clear a tag value.

You could create a separate button to update ticket tag and just leave the value blank, i think that’ll work or if not just set the tag to the work blank or removed or NIL or anything different to the ones you actually need and will report on

I’m pretty sure leaving it blank should work and just update the ticket tag to have no value

Thank You. This work for me. And I have one more doubt I have a Take Away Department Button , my requirement is when I click that button, ticket tag name should come by default. Please find the below image for details.

Dont think that’s possible as I don’t think there is a changed department rule, you’ll need to find some other way to do it

Possibly an ask question in an order added rule, constrained to order count equals 1 so it only appears when 1 order is added and not everytime an order is added

It’s OK I can manage with other button and Ticket tag. And my other question is , I created 3 ticket tag, 1) Delivery, 2) Dine In , 3) Take Away. I need these Ticket Tag wise report. Could you help me to do. I checked but I didn’t get

I’m not to up on the report tags and configuration, most of the reports I use I’ve got from ones shared on here or had help building

I’m away at the moment and I don’t think I’ve got a report that uses ticket tags but I can’t chexk till I’m home again

Have a start reading here

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This is we can do by create an action like below

Then create a rule like below

The give mapping to all.
Then all the ticket type will come as Ticket Tag

I did the report like this. And it’s work for me

[Total Sales:1, 1, 1,1]
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:TT.TG,O.Total.sum,O.Tax.sum,[O.Total.sum]+[O.Tax.sum]:(ODI=True)}
>Grand Total|{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Total.sum,O.Tax.sum,[O.Total.sum]+[O.Tax.sum]:(ODI=True)}

[Transactions Details:2,2,2,3]
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,TT.TG,T.Date,TN.TotalAmount}
>TOTAL:|{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Payment Accounts}

Why do you need ticket type and ticket tag with same info?