Regarding delivery Process

I set up all setting as you mention in
but my problem is when I click on that order and try to select deliverer to that order it open new screen so I not able to assign deliver to that order

please help me

Go back and re-check the Tutorial. You missed something.

please help me @emre for this rule

It should be [:CommandValue] not {:Deliverer} no where in the tutorial did it say put {:Deliverer} there. It said [:Value] which was changed to [:CommandValue] in V4.

It is use for every rule means

All rules which has value ??

That tutorial was v3. V4 it’s different. You don’t have to type it. Just select it from drop menu.

I change three rule value to [:CommandValue]

that three rule are
1, Store selected Ticket Ids when ticket selectd
2, Display Ticket Selected in Ticket Lister Widget
3, Loop Tickets when deliverer selected

but it not working
when I click that ticket and select deliver but not change status

Go through tutorial again you missed something.

I check two times but I not find any difference

can you able to send me sample database for version 4??

if yes, then It great help for me

No I don’t use this it was setup as example and it’s been used many times by community. You missed something. Spelling maybe or something small. It will benefit you to study it and find your mistake.

can you help me one thing

in tutorial and version 4 when I find {value} I need to [:CommandValue] right ??

No only when you find [:Value] there should not be any {value}

Please help me to fix it
I attach all screen shot
before this means in ticket listener 1 show ticket which has waiting state

but I not able to assign deliverer to that order kindly help me

one more thing I also try with remove custom constraint which are blank but it not working

please help @emre @Jesse @JTRTech

can you please help me to select deliverer ??

Don’t expect people to extract mistakes from your screen shots while not paying attention to community guidelines. Please read it. Especially the part about mentioning people.

btw this discussion might help you to find your errors.

means I can not understand your question

I already uploaded image as per show in tutorials

Read the links he provided it explains it.