Regarding End Work Period

In my Restaurant i have two shift. morning shift is 6 to 2 and afternoon shift is 3 - 11. so i want to end work period every shift end. but when i have open ticket its not allowed. so how to solve this issue

This is not an issue - it is by design: by default, you cannot close a WorkPeriod that contains Open Tickets.

You can try flagging the Ticket as Pre-Order using the Action Change Ticket Properties to bypass this behavior.

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So are you closed between 2 and 3? You close for 1 hour?

no morning shift will work until next shift takeover. In this time new shift will have briefing and so on…

i tried it but its not working.

Why the need to close work period? Work periods were meant to separate your operations work hours… Store open Store Close. It was not meant for Shift Changes. If you explain why you want to end work period after every shift we might be able to recommend another solution that could work better for what your trying to do.