Regarding Order Tag Price With Order Quantity

Hi All,
By default order tag price calculating with no.of quantity in the in the order,
e.g, if I order 2 Grilled Salmon and I added 1 Cola with price 2 as a order tag.
But the price of 2 Cola came , i.e 4. But actually I need 2 salmon with 1 Cola.
How can I avoid the price calculation or order tag with the quantity of order.

You can’t do that. You may need to rethink your flow. Make cola a menu item. Order tags are for each order. Even if you merge orders it’s still going to tag each order. That’s how it’s designed.

Thank you @Jesse for your reply.
This is what I explained to customer also. But they are not agreeing anyway I can show this answer to them also. Thank you again.

They need to understand that is not a single order of two. It’s two orders that are merged. It’s not making it one order.

They can make a menu item that says 2 grilled salmon.

I explained to them and they are ok now. Thank you @Jesse. Thanks for your support.

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To do something like that you would need to add seperate orders, 1x salmon + coke, then 1 salmon without.
Tags are often referred to as modifiers.
Think about this scenario,
2 burgers
1x no cheese,
1x no onion
1x no mustard
What is the requirement here? Once without all 3 or a combination?..

Which is why it would be processed as
1 burger
no cheese
1 burger
no onion
No mustard.

Thank you @JTRTech for your reply.