Regarding Purchase Price Change

Good Day All.

I have created an inventory item Sugar with Unit KG.
When I am purchasing 1 KG with Price 10 total becomes 10.
But when I changed the Quantity to 0.5 KG , the price is changing to 5. I don’t want to change the price to 5 .
The total becomes 5 that is correct, but how come the price became 5. Please find the attachments.

That’s just the functionality. It does not affect how price per unit is calculated. The result is the same.

But customer want to know how much is the unit price for that item.

If you’re reporting, use Total / Quantity and that will yield unit cost.

Selecting “Display Cost” in ‘Warehouses’ will you the cost per unit sold which, for me, is more important that what the bulk price is