Regarding Select Customer Option In other button

I have given to separate button to change the ticket type i.e ‘Delivery’ and ‘Take Away’. My requirement is when I click the Delivery button I need to go the customer selecting option, that is given in Select customer button. And when I click the Dine In button I need to go to the table menu , that is given in the select table button. Please find the image for details. And please help me to do this requirement.

Why are you changing ticket type?

First can you give me the answer for what I asked…? After that I will give you the answer for what you asked.

Alvin, you are using an aggressive language to search for solutions. All this people wants to help you. But your words are hurting.

Am not using aggressive words. If you people felt that am really sorry.
Am asking about my requirements from my customers. And I explained in the ticket. I customized the POS with my poor knowledge as per my customers requirements.

Kendash is asking why you’re changing ticket typeas there may be a better way to achieve what you want, but until you tell us the reason we don’t know if there’s a better way to help you

I’d suggest you take Kendash’s help he’s been here a really long time and knows samba and how it works and can give you some really good ideas and advice :grinning:


Ok the answer is you can’t do that and get the result you want it will require advanced automation and has been attempted many times before and desired result never comes. There is already simple built in support to select entities it’s best if we understand what your really trying to achieve first.

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