Regarding Select Order Type after billing

How can I select the order type rather that settle button in the order menu, and after selecting the order type I need to select the settle button. Is there any option for that …Please find the image for details.

How are you setting the order type? By this I presume you mean say takeaway/eating which would be a ticket value rather than order value…

Actually our customer need to select the order type after taking the order. So is there any option to do like that…?

You didn’t answer the question?

Is there any option to change the ticket type as delivery when am selecting the customer…??

Yea you can create automation for that. You could have an ask question action appear when a customer is adddd to ticket

Tha ask question could say something like “Do you want to update ticket type”

Then have buttons with your responses such as “Delivery” “Eat In” “No” etc

Selecting No would just close the ask question and not update ticket type, pressing delivery would update ticket type to delivery, pressing eat In will update ticket type to eat In etc

You’ll need to read up on ask question action and how it works

Thanks for your replay,
Now I have added the Delivery Button , and given new rule for updating the status as new Ticket and ticket type as Delivery. Now I need to select customer when I am clicking the delivery button. Please check the below image.

Probably easier to do it the way I suggested and add the customer to the ticket first and then use the entity added to ticket rule to fire an ask question where you can update the ticket type

That way it’s all done in one flow when a customer entity is added to the ticket

From what you’ve done now with the delivery button you’ll now need to just press the select customer button and add the customer to the ticket

Both work fine but the way I suggested would cut out the need for a separate delivery button on your screen

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How can I enable select deliverer button , It is disabled in my POS. I mapped the ticket type to entity type still its not enabled.

Did you make an entity screen?

These are my entity screens.

I think I got the point. Thank you

How can I cancel all item in button…?

You should make separate topics for different questions.
Either select all orders then cancel or create custom automation which selects all new orders then cancel order action.

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Sorry, Here after I will make as new ticket. Let me try the above one thank you

You can only cancel NEW orders, if they are submitted then you need to void.

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I need to cancel the NEW ORDER only…