Regarding Settle the Ticket With Balance Amount


We said that too. But i think he wants another way


@alvin did you tried using Round button? Is it OK?


Hi Emre,
I got your point. And I understood the use of round and discount.
For the first case Round - If the bill amount is 20.40 we can round 0.40 that is ok. If the amount is 21.40 and the customer is giving only 20 then I think we can not round 1.40 .
And the Second Case Discount - IF we are giving as discount we can not show this amount as a receivable amount. And may be some time we will give real discount so in that case we can not distinguish which is the real discount and the other one.
That is why am asking about this option. In our case we have pay all cash then only we can settle the ticket . If we didn’t get the the full amount we cannot close the ticket. And if we didn’t close the ticket we cannot close the work period. And we have seen this option in other POS. If you have any option please help me or try to work as a new module


Easiest thing to do is setup another “payment” method, call it loss or “customer didn’t pay this amount” :wink: or “manual rounding”

You can then easily report on that payment time and close the ticket by pressing all and the “loss” payment type button

Or just create a value discount button called “loss discount” or “rounding discount” or whatever you want and then deduct the value before taking payment so you can then deduct 1.40 from 21.40 and customer pays 20 from payment screen

You can then report on that discount type


@alvin I dont think you understand the power and flexability of samba. By default you have a round and discount button, but both of these can be customised or replicated and adjusted.
You can create your own account transaction templates and make a new version of round or change round to use it


Why not? You’re rounding $21.40 to $20.00. You can round $129.00 to $120… or any amount to a fixed amount. All of them are discounts eventually.

They are separated by accounts.

btw receivables account balance should display the amount you expected to receive. Discounts should go to related discount accounts. I think you mean debiting the discount account.

As encountered on most businesses I think a lot of SambaPOS users negotiates price with customer and use discount or rounding option to bring ticket amount to that price. However if you really need a second type of rounding to differ roundings more than 0.99 you have a lot of manual or automated options. This tutorial might be a good start.

PS: For almost 10 years any kind of discounting methods being used across the world discussed by the community and I’m very confident of the qualification of such common SambaPOS functions. However I can not say SambaPOS will make everyone happy. Of course some people will like features of other POS and use it.

However we never implemented a feature just because it exists on other POS. We discuss all new features here and implement if it is useful for people. So instead of demotivating us by constantly mentioning other POS you can prefer to be a part of the community and try to explain how “that option” will be useful for SambaPOS users.


Thank you for your information.