Registration Activation error?

my client is currently running v56 but they often seem to get the message for activation although previously they activate.

some how their activation goes “unactive”.

why this happens

what can cause the activation to deactivate.

as everytime when this occur i have to uninstall the module clear database key then reintall and activate.

any suggestions ?

It shouldn’t deactivate. If that happens again please create a backup and send me the database BEFORE activating module. Please don’t use SambaPOS backup as it strips license info. Instead use Management Studio if possible. If needed you’ll find some info about backing up from command line here.

Also if you notice a certain action might be the reason of it I’ll be glad if you let me know.

hmm ok will send backup as soon as possible as i have to get from client

i was get ting this pic:

and i have send the database aswell

Create a new account for this customer and PM me the new user name. I’ll transfer V5 license to the new account and you’ll use this account to activate V5.


i have send the account details

thank u for the prompt response

what was the isssue ? can i still use the old login ?

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  1. Please PM when I ask PM (Private Message). Don’t share account details on public area.
  2. Please don’t flag your own posts. No need to alert all staff and you’re flagging yourself as a spammer lol.
  3. Account is probably used in multiple databases, or somehow sambamarket thinks like that. I moved V5 license to the new account so you can’t use old login for V5 license. Login with new account on customers server, activate it and keep it private for this customer. While backing up database and restoring them use SambaPOS’s backup tool. Let me know if it happens again or if you notice something unusual that leads to license deactivation.
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:slight_smile: i couldnt find from where to send the PM so thought flag will work as PM

and i was wrong

next time will be more careful

ok thanks

@madiha To PM someone click on their portrait then press the Message button. When you use the Flag it flags your account and sends a message to Me, QMcKay, as well as Emre and Mehmet.

Here is a good tip - If you want multiple people to see your message you can send it to one of the people then open that message and you can invite the other people into that same conversation.


well explained and understood thnks :smile:

I have the same issue

Is your terminal online?
Does login/username show in top right on market screen?


Go to login and clear thedatabasekeys for the licence.
This will alloy you to reactivate v5 licence.

Thanks! i was at sambapos store