Relating to the new split ticket feature

Just saw Jesse’s post about the new split ticket feature - lookin’ good!

Will there be an ability to open the split tickets screen directly after loading the entity without displaying a ticket?

Something like this:


where “View Tickets” would display this:


You can automate it. Split ticket is an action. Something like load ticket maybe. I’ll have to test it.

Sweet! Thanks.


I tested it and yes it does work. I encountered a bug during it though but it seems to still work. We are close to releasing it. Just need to squash these last few bugs.


I added a preview of splitting items too.


How do you make the split ticket screen specific to the table you open it under? When I open the split ticket screen under say table 4 it shows me every open table/ticket.

The new split ticket feature currently only works with default tables setup. If you modified it you will need to change it back to default entity type called Tables

Thanks for the quick response @Jesse. I didn’t change the Tables entity type. Thought maybe I could add something under the “Add Custom Constraint” in the “Split Ticket” rule?