Remain on a category after a sale/closing?

We are using a department for admissions. I have a category for each time we are open, with items for each category.

After a sale the focus is back on the first category displayed. Is there an option/setting to remain on a category after a sale or closing a ticket? ie if it’s Saturday afternoon, we sell an admission on a Sat Mat (Saturday Matinee), after the sale focus would remain on Sat Mat (or any other category that we use for the current open time).

Or would there be a better option than using category for each time we are open?


Thought last active catagory was default but maybe your department option is overriding that.
I would maybe suggest multiple menus where that days category is first and switch menu on day of week based date constraint.

It used to do this but there was a change in 5.2.12 to reset category when ticket closed.

I’m not sure if there is a workaround for this now. Also wasn’t sure the reason for the change but assuming it must have been to fix something.

It was a request to reset.

Do you know if there is a way to disable this and make it work like it used to? Because I also noticed an annoyance with this, in some setups I use 2 menus with a Change Screen Menu action to switch between them.

The Chinese menu is a clone of the English one with only the Header changed on category (and all product headers changed too) but the category name remained the same, therefore if you were on a category, say “Chicken”, then switched to Chinese, you would remain on Chicken, which was nice; however now it resets to the first category.

No there is not a way that I know of.

If there isn’t a way, I will go with JRTech thought of having multiple menu’s for our current category list.

I have to try one other route first. I’ve tried using the Change Screen Menu action with Group Filter (without Group Filter I am able to switch menu’s…that works). However when I fire the action it removes my menu/categories altogether from the POS screen.

Am I using the Group Filter wrong? I’m assuming it’s Group Code in products.

Thanks for everybody’s help.

Yea your not using group filter correctly, it is the group code. If you look at the menu item properties settings one of the columns for each product is the group filter. It’s that column you need, so you’ll need to enter Saturday Matinee next to every product in that menu that you want to show. If the product you want needs to be added to more than one group then just comma separate them in the group field, for example:

Saturday Matinee,Sunday,Monday

One reason The groups were originally designed was so that the group filters could be user roles eg Cashier, Manager, Admin so that you could set a menu where only certain buttons (be it product buttons or custom auto command buttons) would only appear depending on the user role logged in

I use this for my manager menu setup so when a cashier is logged in only certain functions are available to them, if they need something else they don’t have access to they call a manager who presses a manager menu button, swipes their manager card which switches the menu to show buttons accessible for the person swiping their card. After whatever function has been used then options available switch back to the basic cashier ones

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Thanks for the detailed answer. I will give it a go and see if it’s the desired results that will work for us.

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Thanks RickH. That’s exactly what I was looking for!

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