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I got that, my suggestion earlier was with a label printer you can use a printer template to print the barcode labels.
It would mean ringing the items in and then canceling them but would print barcode labels :wink:
If the print job/template was set to print individual orders you could do 20xshirts a have a print barcode button for the order by order print job of barcode labels and barcode labels would get printed :smile:

Pretty much a spin off of the labels for takeaway containers topic ages ago.

That is what i was thinking, we could automate it so that maybe we used a separate department or even a different menu like im doing in my retail setup

You would select the barcode menu where all products would be listed, select the products you need barcodes to add them to the ticket as if it were a sale. Then when they are added press a print barcode automation button that prints barcode labels and automatically cancels all orders on the ticket (abort order setup), closes the ticket and resets the menu back to the main pos screen

This is pretty doable in the setup im creating so ill give this a go when i get time :slight_smile:

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Rather than adding say 50 x products might work well that you enter the qty of products in the keypad before pressing print and the number of prints is set from the numberpad value.
Although that would mean going through each product one at a time… so maybe forget that… although rather than adding 50 products it would be nice to see the individual price as a sort of check price when printing the barcodes :-/ maybe…
Although that depends on your labels, if your labels show product name and price maybe an ask question showing the information with confirmation before sending through the 50 labels.
Would then work better with just the auto cancel of the order and not to switch menu.

Maybe can just use some barcode printing software for printing the product tags? If you have a barcode label printer it usually is bundled with one, however might be too basic. I used one before that can connect to MSSQL database then pull in all the product info including barcode from the database, which if you can find such software, is totally possible with SambaPOS database.

If it can be done within samba then why use another software :smile:
The label printer I was playing with was only a £60 brother one but wasn’t testing with doing barcodes was the takeaway labels as mentioned before plus in theory you can get label rolls for epson thermal printers but depending on the model registration might become an issue, I know I have seen the T90 listed as label printer in places before.

You could use a label printer and configure the template to print bar codes to stick on. However I think for what your wanting to do just an external barcode printer/label machine would be better and quicker.

I’ve just found sometimes the actual label printing software is easier to align with label sizes. Yeah I am sure it is something can be done now or in future with SambaPOS but I was just offering a solution which could work now and quite straightforward.

Brother label printers are expensive to run, the labels are not cheap if I recall (I have one and only use it for odd address labels, etc). If you are wanting to do label printing for business you are best to get a proper (thermal transfer / direct thermal) label printer, usually you pay a bit more for the printer but the labels are far cheaper and you are not stuck with using those by the manufacturer. The Brother ones have fancy alignment codes on the rear side so it senses the type of label you use, but anyway all the other label printers I have used can also auto align when you put in a new type of label.

I was just showing that there are options :smile:
The brother example was only as that one I had tried as borrowed from a friend (although burned through a whole roll of the more expensive labels LOL)
But defiantly would be nice to keep in samba as see it as very possible.

how the filter by time work ? can briefly explain or refer to a link

Be more specific please. We can already filter by date, since v4 …

i know we can filter by date
but i was wondering if we could filter by time for e-g sale from 9 am - 1 pm

like @QMcKay, you made a time base sql report

I thought you might say that. Yes, SQL is the only way to set time filter.

in that case i would request @emre to add in this feature as this is one think people request for

It is possible to do that now with some additional configuration. What you are requesting is he build it in as default option in report viewer. I do not think its that simple because its designed to work around Work Periods.

@emre did give the ability to do it as @QMcKay already suggested.

You can do this without SQL. Report tags support this. I will give example in minute…

I will give several examples…

First example - Basic report showing orders per hour.

[ORDERS:1, 1, 1,1]

>Time|Order Count|Total|Percent

{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:FT([O.Time],'hh'),O.Id.Count,O.Total.Sum,O.Total.Percent}

i was looking for custom time filter but as for now something is better than nothing. thanks