Remote SQL Connection

Hello everyone, we are planning to take orders from a single call center and direct orders to the nearest branch. We managed to establish remote SQL connections, but I need your ideas on defining the Actions and Rules needed to do this via SambaPOS.

The flow will be as follows: orders from the call center will be received via SambaPOS, when ticket is closed, the application will ask which branch we want to direct to. The user will also choose the branch according to the address. After the branch selection is made, the application will connect to SQL Server of that branch and print out the order from the printer. Can we do this with the current version of SambaPOS (v5)?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

That flow is not possible. You have to be connected to SQL server to even load sambapos to begin with much less take an order.

Does your branch “have to” run SambaPOS? If not, how about treating your printers in the branch as “kitchen” printers and use “real” IP but then it will incur real IP fee from your ISP.

If you have to run SambaPOS in your branch, someone in the forum said he has been able to remotely connect to SQL Server on Amazon Web Services. This is a very rare instance where someone has done remote connection to SQL Server in this forum so you need to search for that user and ask how he does that. Also, other members worry about the internet availability of such single point arrangement.

Finally, maybe you can also try to use the API mechanism called GrahpQL at your branch and/or call center. There is a proof of concept in PMPOS where you can learn how to use the API.