Remote WLAN terminal setup help needed

Hi all,

Can one help point me in the right direction to setup up a remote terminal, at a different location. Over the internet WLan

Location 1 will be the main server
Location 2 - Slave - in another part of the country will be connected to it.
So tickets are in sync. Using Customer and customer tabs etc

Both locations - Running windows 10, sambapos

Thanks in advance


It’s a bit tricky but first you’ve to configure your internet service provider routers to allow connections via port 1433 TCP, 1434 UDP, 9000+ TCP.
Secondly port forward your server IP address on the router interface(public IP if possible).
Thirdly, create firewall rules to allow inbound and outbound connections for the TCP ports, also create a rule to allow SQL server and browser applications through the firewall…
Finally test your connections…

do not do not DO NOT open up message server and SQL server to the internet

Ideally you’ll want SQL server running on-site. If you have multiple stores/locations you’ll need multiple licenses anyway, so you might as well run everything in-house.


Every port sniffing bot on the planet will start hitting you.


Thanks for all the replies.

Are we saying that if at a venue we have a sambapos server and need to connect windows tablets with sambapos remotely, it is not advised to use wlan (over internet).

Example main server is at the main office of the venue. We need 4 windows tablets with sim cards to connect to the main server because they are used half mile away and the wifi range will not reach.

Wifi extenders are not an option, it must to be over the internet.

Surly there is a solution which is not subject to port hacking.


The location the tablets are used at… is that a different restaurant than where the server is? What I mean is… it sounds like a franchise setup where you have a main office and more than 1 restaurant. Is this true?

No it is not advised to use them that way. It is very insecure. SambaPOS is a local based system.

Half mile would be achiveable with point to point wifi if you can get height for line of sight

Another option, though still not perfect would be to put them behind a good firewall and VPN if you (or someone you trust) have the skill-set to safely deploy such a topology.